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The power of prediction in digital mortgages


Data is flooding the mortgage landscape. It is revealing who potential borrowers are, what they need and how they behave. But lenders need to connect with borrowers earlier in the journey to homeownership.

This is where predictive mortgage acquisition comes in. It brings all the right tools together:


Programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing
uses data management platforms that cull customer data from multiple sources to build customer insight based on how people behave online.

Advanced analytics
Advanced analytics reveal device usage patterns, recent behavior trends, purchase history and more, continually evolving customer understanding.
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence automates personalized marketing to acquire customers at scale, speed processes, limit resource use and cut costs.


Data-driven personalization is at the heart of predictive mortgage acquisition marketing. This means understanding the moments of truth where connections are made and relationships are deepened.

What lenders can do:

  • Analyze every touchpoint, assessing context, third-party search data and attributes to a granular level.

  • Build a digital advertising presence outside of the usual suspects like real estate or comparative mortgage sites.

  • Create a provider ecosystem to connect borrowers to value added services.

  • Continue to curate and deliver relevant messages and offers to mortgage customers after the deal is closed.

"With predictive techniques, some lenders have seen click-through rate improvement six times compared to industry benchmarks."


In the battle to acquire mortgage customers and deliver superior customer experiences, here’s what winners will do:
Market to moments, not segments

Market to moments, not segments. Rather than analyze historical data or basic demographic segments, predictive lenders work and react in the moment.
Identify people, not devices

Identify people, not devices. Predictive lenders are customer-centric, not product or device-centric.
Optimize for the journey, not the funnel

Optimize for the journey, not the funnel. When retention is the goal, the customer journey is ongoing, so anticipating future actions that extend customer engagement is critical.
Trust owned, not rented data

Trust owned, not rented data. The data that makes a difference in a predictive world does not come from purchased data sets. That is why first-party data is a predictive lender’s biggest asset.
Decide on intelligence, not data

Decide on intelligence, not data. Predictive marketing moves beyond gut instinct and requires precise and continuous processing of data into decisions.
"Only about 10 to 20% of people have their mortgage with the institution they bank with today."

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Christine Duque
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