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Digital police solutions are transforming Public Safety

Connected public safety—maximizing the opportunities to digitally connect with citizens, officers and organizations.

Connected Public Safety

Today, the police must collaborate with a host of associated agencies and communicate with a new type of digitally savvy citizen who are seeking a more personalized and tailored service. Modern police forces that are digitally connected—through their organizations, officers and citizens—can gain better, more targeted information and deliver their mission.

Connected Citizen

Police forces have always encouraged citizens to help in the fight against crime and in a digital world where citizens are accustomed to the ease and immediacy of digital technology, police forces now have access to new ways of connecting with citizens.

Connected Officer

Police officers have a fundamental need to connect. Yet while the importance of being connected is not in question, the ability, means and reasons to do so are changing in ways that are creating a fundamental shift in police operations.

Connected Organization

Today, collaboration is essential. Police forces need to work together with the judicial courts, hospitals, and fire services in the execution of their duty, managing changing public safety challenges has never been so important. Transforming the ways and means to connect continues to allow public safety agencies gain greater value from existing assets and build the transparency and trust that citizens demand.