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Plug-in electric vehicles: Changing perceptions, hedging bets

Explore consumer perceptions for purchasing, running and charging plug-in electric vehicles.


The first plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) have arrived in car showrooms, prompting questions about how utilities, city authorities and charging service providers will respond to the uncertain patterns demand.

Market participants need to fully understand consumers’ perceptions and preferences in order to make the right investments at the right time.

Accenture’s survey of over 7,000 people in 13 countries reveals consumers’ motivations for switching to PEVs, explores their charging preferences and examines why they opt for plug-in hybrids over full EVs.

The results offer insights for those making investment decisions about grid management, power generation and charging infrastructure and services.


Download PDFRead the report [PDF, 2.8MB]

Key Findings

Key findings from Accenture’s survey include: 

  • Consumers’ preferences for charging PEVs will challenge utilities and charging network providers.

  • Purchase price is not the only key factor of PEV adoption: utilities, city authorities and service providers will have to address concerns for convenience, range anxiety and the fuel source of electricity.

  • Consumers strongly prefer plug-in hybrid EVs over full EVs.

  • Utilities face a retail challenge, as consumers are open to buying charging services from other providers.


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