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Top 10 public service leader quotes of 2015

Learn what public service leaders had to say in this look back at the past year.

Explore this look back at the unique perspectives from public service leaders around the world.

  1. “We resolve conflict on a personal level so I think cops are aided by technology but it is always going to come down to what is in here {the heart}.” – Charlie Beck, Chief of Police, Los Angeles Police Department, The Secret Sauce to Successful Public Safety Solutions in Los Angeles

  2. "Public service leaders have begun to embrace a fundamentally different type of government." – Dan London, Group Chief Executive – Health & Public Service, Accenture Technology Vision 2015: A Public Service Path to Leadership

  3. “This is really hard work, and marathon running, if it’s taught me anything, it’s that there’s really nothing I can’t do, if I put my mind to it.” – Susan Dreyfus, President and CEO, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, It’s a marathon, not a sprint: Reflections on human services change

  4. "Since the recession...governors and state legislators are turning to their budget officer much more for very concrete policy recommendations." – Scott Pattison, Executive Director, National Association of State Budget Officers, The State of the State Budgets: A Conversation with Scott Pattison

  5. “The Value Curve is like a new muscle,” he said, “and it takes time. You’ve got to exercise it. You just can’t push it on your organization or your leadership.” – Kelly Harder, Director of Community Services Dakota County, Minnesota, The dynamics of human services convergence

  6. “You have to open the aperture and let a thousand flowers bloom, and really give people the chance to think freely.” – Stan Soloway, President and CEO, Professional Services Council, Facing today’s challenges—Video

  7. “Federal health needs to lead the nation in interoperability. If we lead, the rest of the industry will follow.” – Jim Traficant, Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services and President of ASM Research, Serving those who have served – A talk with Jim Traficant

  8. “Some are going to work and some won't, but we have your back. It's important for us to pave the path for change.” – Tom Greiner, Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services, A Culture of Innovation

  9. “When you connect mind and passion, you can overcome the greatest obstacles.” - Nick Macchione, San Diego County, The dynamics of human services convergence

  10. “You can’t stay still, you have to be moving toward the future” - Carolyn Colvin, SSA Commissioner, The dynamics of human services convergence

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