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Top 10 public service leader quotes of 2016

Learn what public service leaders had to say in this look back at the past year.

“I’ve always been aware of the power of people, organizations and government to come together to do great things.”
Dr. Antonio Oftelie, Fellow at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering
At the summit: A talk with a human services teacher, storyteller and champion

“Digital police solutions are never going to replace the importance of a police officer having face to face contact.”
James Slessor, Managing Director, Global Public Safety, Accenture
Digital police solutions are transforming public safety

“Pockets of government are taking steps towards [digital] service design, and there’s still a lot of opportunity to do more.”

“We don’t have the capacity within our ranks to do the kind of analytics and to manage for the data in a way that shows.”
Uma Ahluwalia, Director at Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
Human services analytics finds a home in Maryland

“Digital relies on opening up data and services. That is only possible where there is trust between the individuals concerned and government.”
Mark Jennings, Accenture Human Services Lead in Europe, Africa and Latin America
Why digital technologies are as much about people as human services is

“Opportunities available today—technology, digital and analytics—present capabilities of which I could only have dreamed as a junior officer.”
Vice Admiral Keith W. Lippert, United States Navy (Retired)
Achieving success in defense enterprise resource planning transformation

“We should bring together public and private sector to problem solve and make big data, good data, for the future of our cities, for everyone.”
Jen Hawes-Hewitt, Global Cities Director, Accenture
Helping cities drive human-centered design

“Everything legacy will be converted to mobile, all online applications converted to mobile, and anything new will be mobile.”
Eric Swanson, Deputy Director, Department of Technology Management and Budget, State of Michigan
State governments: Go mobile or go home

“Pick an area that you know is troublesome...and then go solve for that problem and use design thinking.”
Steve Hurst, North America Lead, Digital Government, Accenture
Digital government: Great expectations

“…reduced risk and improving public safety are key motivators for implementing advanced technologies, such as video analytics and biometric identity.”
Ger Daly, Senior Managing Director, Defense & Public Safety, Accenture
Emerging technologies can help to reduce risk and increase security

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