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Creating value in the automotive industry

Roland Keppler, COO Movel GmbH and Head of car2go discusses how digitalization will provide new opportunities in the auto industry.

We sat down with Roland Keppler, COO Movel GmbH and Head of car2go discusses how digitalization will provide new opportunities in the auto industry.

How will Digitalization affect the Automotive Industry?
Digital has a significant impact across industries, including Automotive. Smartphones and mobility have become integral to people’s lives and the expectation is that the same convenience needs to be available in their cars. They expect a link between their cars and digital devices.

What are the benefits from a business perspective?
It will be much easier to create greater value through digital, as the range of available services will expand. In the Automotive Industry, digital brings opportunities to help people locate their cars, reserve their cars, and receive billing via their mobile devices. As a result, mobile devices become the enabler for a car sharing business model what we offer.

In your opinion, what is the sweet spot?
It is about providing a service that meets a specific need. By providing a digital platform for consumer engagement, people are now able to use a car without purchasing it. It provides flexibility and a range of options to select which car to drive and where and when to drive it. The enabler for this service is digital.

What is the role of Big Data?
Data handling is of key importance. This is specifically relevant in providing information regarding road and traffic conditions and weather-related information. It also enables us to optimize our services by providing insights in terms of where and what the demand is. We can also extend our location services by providing parking information and availability.

How would you describe the road ahead?
As an industry, we have the same challenges facing other industries. We have expert knowledge on car mechanics, mobility and driving behavior. We also know what is important to them when it comes to mobility. Our challenge is linking this to the digital world. We will be providing customer satisfaction by meeting a very specific need. It will also provide new opportunities. For example, providing handicapped people with a very specific mobility-on-demand service. We can provide them with a very specific mobility on demand. The future of mobility is about zero commitment, flexible and tailored solutions.

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