Legacy payment infrastructure—dinosaurs in the digital world

Legacy payment systems are nearing extinction. Payments companies must lower costs, increase agility and drive speed to market.


The payments industry is interested in modernizing the legacy payment infrastructure because these systems cannot keep pace with today’s dynamic payments landscape. So how can payments players move beyond their technology past and start planning for a future that delivers results?

Most payments companies recognize that their legacy payment infrastructure is nearing extinction. They need a modern solution that is easier to maintain, flexible enough to support digital payments, provides for standards and systems visibility and supports a global growth agenda. The good news is that the answer is out there if payments companies take a strategic approach to modernization.

This point of view discusses five key actions that payments companies can pursue to get the best return on investment and future growth potential from modernizing their legacy payment infrastructure. The key is to take a holistic approach rooted in the right business requirements.

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With so much interest in modernizing legacy payment infrastructures, payments players need to take a strategic approach that offers the best return on investment and future growth potential.

  • Rethink the business requirements.

  • Use re-engineering tools to generate the business requirements.

  • Develop an end-to-end governance model.

  • Adopt payment industry standards.

  • Take a holistic approach.

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