Merchant acquirers—If you can’t beat them, join them

How can merchant acquirers navigate the disruption to defend market share and grow revenues in the payments industry?


New technologies, new entrants and stricter regulations are challenging merchant acquirers’ position in the payments industry. As the status quo becomes increasingly unsustainable, how can merchant acquirers defend existing market share and grow revenues?

During this time of significant disruption, there are exciting possibilities for merchant acquirers to win new payments ecosystem opportunities. This means that acquirers will have to work in new ways to stay ahead of agile niche players. The key to success is to pursue both offensive and defensive strategies while transforming from payment processing companies to true merchant teaming partners.

This point of view introduces and explores specific offensive and defensive strategies for acquirers, profiling payments companies that have found success in the new payments landscape by putting these strategies into action. Learn more about our Payments Insights Series.

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To drive return on investment in innovation and to succeed in the new payments ecosystem, merchant acquirers need both defensive and offensive strategies. Defensive approaches protect existing market share and grow revenues by improving payment processing capabilities. Offensive plays create traction for acquirers in the emerging payments market, positioning them to maximize benefits from the next major disruption.

  • Drive seamless integration of omni-channel acceptance.

  • Develop value-added capability to increase merchant loyalty.

  • Develop processing partnerships with mobile innovators.

  • Enable vertical integration of payments acceptance and processing.

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