International expansion—A world of possibilities in payments

US payments players are poised to seize international market opportunities. What are the cultural and operational differences in developing economies?


In today’s payments environment, it is not uncommon for companies to seek growth opportunities in new markets. But is success simply about taking a model that works at home and re-creating it abroad? Those that have entered new markets know that the answer is a resounding no.

Considering the extent of the market disruption that payments players must address, it is no surprise that they are intrigued by the possibilities for new revenues in new markets. Success means truly understanding all facets of target markets—accounting for differences in regulation, issuing, acquiring and security and compliance, and more.

This point of view offers thoughtful guidance for payments companies considering international expansion. It explores the high-level complexities to keep in mind. It also introduces distinct ecosystems that have their own regulatory, cultural and business process characteristics.

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When it comes to international expansion, it is not enough to simply know the rules of payments processing. Local market requirements have evolved differently and diverse ecosystems have their own regulatory, cultural and business practice characteristics. To successfully execute an international expansion strategy, payments players need a core understanding of the market context. They must take into account specific differences in regulation, issuing, acquiring and security and compliance.

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