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Technology Vision

For Oracle



Technology is changing faster than ever before

But instead of letting change happen to them, leading organizations are taking control and harnessing technology innovation to empower their people.

In this era of the intelligent enterprise, discover how Accenture and Oracle are in the forefront of developments, creating technologies and delivering solutions that put people first.
Trend 1
AI is the New UI
Trend 2
Ecosystem Power Plays
Trend 3
Workforce Marketplace
Trend 4
Design for Humans
Trend 5
The Uncharted

Get the full Technology Vision for Oracle report and an in-depth look at our five new tech trends.


More than 50 percent of the world’s enterprise data resides in Oracle databases, Oracle technologies are at the heart of many organizations worldwide. This makes Oracle truly at the center of the new people-centric technology environment. Here, the power increasingly lies with people to shape technology as they see fit.

In this Accenture Technology Vision for Oracle 2017, you’ll read how Accenture and Oracle are working together to support the evolution of whole new ecosystems that are refining how organizations compete, collaborate and grow.

Technology for People

The Era of the Intelligent Enterprise

The digital revolution today is an age of human empowerment: rapid advances have created a people- centric technology environment where the power lies with people to shape technology as they see fit.

The Trends
in Detail





Visit the global Technology Vision 2017 site for the full report and more.