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Is your operating model holding you back from growth?

Businesses have plans to drive growth and competitiveness, but sometimes, nothing happens.


The journey to growth is not an easy ride.

According to Accenture Strategy research, more than 80 percent of executives agree that advanced operating models are an enabler of strategic growth, yet only 22 percent say their company's operating model is helping them put strategic growth initiatives into action.

The journey to growth is not an easy ride. It is a trip that requires tough choices about the company’s future. How will the business model respond to disruption? What are the company’s core values? How will we allocate resources? Budgets? People? How can strategic partners in the ecosystem support the growth strategy? Without an operating model designed to respond to these questions—and a slew of others—the strategy will never get off the ground.


Key Findings

No one is speaking the same language
Few organizations have a clear and consistent definition of what an operating model is, and the core capabilities needed to enable it. Successful companies make sure that they have all the key components of an operating model clearly defined.

The link between operating model and growth strategy is broken
Many strategies fail because they are not clearly put into action through the company’s operating model. Companies fail for a variety of reasons including, they:

  • Had the wrong strategy

  • Didn’t allocate the right resources to the strategy

  • Didn’t garner support from leaders and employees

  • Pivoted to a new strategy, but dragged along the old operating model

  • Restructured without considering the implications to the growth strategy

People aren’t part of the plan
People are a critical pillar of a strong operating model that supports growth. As the operating model shifts, employees must transition as well.


Link your operating model to your growth strategy and business model

Link your operating model to your growth strategy and business model
Be clear on profit goals and where growth will come from in the future. Identify the capabilities that are essential to winning in the marketplace.

Create your people plan

Create your people plan
Map talent to the areas that you have defined as core to fueling growth. Place top performers in high-priority roles.


Use digital as fuel for growth
Businesses must look at how digital affects the operating model and, moreover, how it can be used as fuel for driving sustainable profitable growth across all parts of the value chain.

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