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On convergence and the path to human services value

Two Minnesota human services leaders express hope for a human services future marked by predictive analytics and prevention.


As human services leaders strive for better health outcomes and interoperability, they are excited about the potential for human services analytics and other emerging technologies to deliver value. Accenture interviewed Paul Fleissner, Director of Community Services in Olmstead County, Minnesota and Kelly Harder, Community Service Director from Dakota County, Minnesota, at the Accenture Human Services Summit to learn their perceptions about how convergence influences progression along the Human Services Value Curve.

These two human services leaders shared their views on how the right technology, research and an eye toward the future can help to enable social change and better position human services agencies to achieve their mission.


As human services face budget cuts and other constraints, “the Value Curve has been a tremendous asset for interpreting, one, our direction, and two, how we get there,” said Fleissner.

Key Findings
“The necessity of the use of technology will allow us to become more surgically precise in how we do our high-impact interventions on sub-sets of populations, and that’ll be very different,” said Harder.


When asked what the landscape of convergence will look like in five years, Harder responded, “We won’t be admiring [convergence] as much as it becomes more of a norm.” He added, “The customers of our staff are going to be the millennials and Gen-Xers looking at how we solve challenges. I think we are going to be seen through such a different lens, and hopefully, a lens of opportunity.”

“Big data, analytics and integration will help us solve problems that I don’t think we could without it,” said Fleissner. “I think those tools are going to be what help us prepare and, hopefully, solve problems going forward because there aren’t other tools out there that I’m aware of, so I think this is a heck of an opportunity. And it won’t just be because we want to do it. I think it’ll be because we have to do it.”

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