No-Touch Processing

The Next Generation of Cost-Efficient, Citizen-Centric Services


No-touch processing has become a holy grail for health and human services agencies. Why? Because it represents the next generation of cost-effective, efficient, citizen-centric technology solutions.

The growing need for easing the administrative burden on caseworkers highlights the promise of no-touch processing solutions—to help agencies perform benefits administration and eligibility determination without the need for a caseworker to “touch” the process at all. Citizens can apply for assistance, have that information validated and receive benefits—all with no, or very little, caseworker intervention.

Today, leading state agencies are using no-touch processing to deliver better and more comprehensive services to citizens at lower cost and with fewer resources. In the future, these technologies will support delivery of integrated, cross-agency services, address root causes of people’s needs, and help to generate better outcomes for families seeking assistance.

Why Accenture

The Accenture Human Services Software Suite enables no-touch processing functionality—the ability to process benefits applications without case worker involvement. Features include increased use of dynamic questions in the application process and giving citizens greater flexibility to apply for multiple programs for each individual in a household. Built-in interfaces to the federal data services hub enable near real-time verifications and eligibility determination. 
The capabilities of the software are helping states move forward with integration of health and human services. States can also be better prepared for the future with technology that provides greater flexibility and interoperability.
The Human Services suite is regularly enhanced to enable human service agencies to more effectively modernize or replace legacy eligibility systems on flexible timelines. Agencies can deploy the complete suite to fully replace their legacy systems, or choose components as needed to upgrade their functionality in a phased manner. 

Accenture Software

The Accenture Human Services Suite provides a complete software foundation for integrated service delivery, helping agencies provide better citizen service, handle higher caseloads and improve efficiencies. Combining an integration platform with a benefits management system for caseworkers and a self-service portal for citizens, the Accenture Human Services Suite offers a proven, integrated eligibility solution that helps states reduce risks, lower costs and deliver compliance at speed.

Product features include:

  • No-touch processing

  • Single streamlined application

  • Real-time eligibility determination

  • Pre-built interfaces with the Federal Data Services Hub and other state and federal systems

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