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The new energy consumer: Engaging the consumer ecosystem

Utilities are being challenged to more actively engage the new energy consumer ecosystem.


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As the growing adoption of electric vehicles creates a “roaming” energy consumer, energy management and other home solutions are challenging providers to develop relationships beyond the bill payer and to engage more actively in the home. Growing adoption of distributed generation (residential solar, in particular) is also creating a new dynamic for providers.

As individuals, families and entire communities become more involved in energy production and consumption, suppliers need to try new approaches to engage a wider range of energy consumers.


Gamification: A powerful tool to engage
Games give energy providers a new tool for engaging consumers beyond the bill payer and offer fun, friendly competition. With the availability of more granular energy usage data and the ability to easily control consumer energy devices, energy management and conservation are well-suited to gamification.

Consumers can be motivated by the social prestige that comes with conserving energy and protecting the environment. They can also be influenced by the potential to save money and earn rewards—particularly in the context of a social game.


As organizations seek to capture energy-related value, engaging the new energy consumer ecosystem creates new challenges and opportunities. Providers will increasingly need to find new ways to engage a broad range of consumers to tap into new opportunities and remain relevant in the new energy marketplace.