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The new energy consumer: Bridging the digital divide

As the complexity of consumer interaction continues to increase, energy providers must adopt a holistic approach to determining where to focus.


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Disruptive technologies, soaring consumer expectations and channel proliferation have made the ever evolving landscape of consumer interaction increasingly difficult to navigate. Many utilities are being challenged to constantly redefine channel strategies and capabilities to keep pace. Indeed, rapid development and diversification of interaction options present challenges around which channels to use, when to use them and how to seamlessly integrate interactions to deliver a consistent, tailored customer experience.

There is no question that consumers have gone digital. The digital revolution has fundamentally changed how consumers learn about, research and purchase products and services.

The mass adoption of digital technologies and the channels of interaction they enable have changed how consumers interact with their providers and each other.

Key Findings

Answering the call for more self-service

“Anytime, anywhere” is the service mantra of many energy consumers today. Consumers increasingly prefer the convenience of self-service for a wide range of interactions.

Meeting the mobile revolution

Internet availability and mobile adoption have changed the way consumers interact with the world around them. Mobile adoption has set an interaction precedent and increasingly represents a key platform for innovation, personalization, self-service and relationship-building potential.


Accenture believes that with a focus on effective mobility and self-service capabilities for transactions, combined with higher value in-person interaction, providers have an opportunity to reduce costs while improving satisfaction. A cohesive cross-channel strategy is crucial to managing costs while investing in the next generation capabilities that will drive tailored, profitable consumer engagement and interaction.