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Accenture Spend Trends Report—Q1 2015

Read about the latest supply market trends and insights driving procurement strategy.

Welcome to the latest edition of the Accenture Spend Trends Report, a quarterly publication that summarizes the top market trends affecting major spend categories—from Marketing to Logistics to Energy and many others—and outlines actionable insights that you can leverage to drive strategic value in your organization.

The content of the Accenture Spend Trends Report is drawn from our category experts’ and editor’s in-depth analysis of macro factors as well as aggregated spend, savings and project data, and outlines insights from each major spend category along with actions to consider in developing spend optimization strategies.


Highlights from the report include:

Q1 Spend Trends: The Big Five

  • Logistics: Unprecedented Market Volatility Requires Exceptional Flexibility: For most of 2014, shippers faced rising demand, tight market capacity, and high fuel costs. When fuel prices plummeted, new challenges emerged (West Coast Port Strike, etc.) leaving logistics teams to react to regional cost pressures and opportunities.
  • IT: Mobile Data Explosion Puts Focus on Managing Mobile Costs: With the proliferation of high-speed mobile devices and data hungry apps, mobile data volumes are exploding. Organizations will need to take a fresh look at how they manage mobility costs and develop policies to manage mobile devices and users.
  • Corporate Professional Services: Market Environment Favors Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Other Finance Opportunities: With the full impact of U.S. health care legislation still to be fully realized, health care costs are in major flux. Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) is a highly complex area, but an opportunity to explore for cost savings opportunity.
  • Industrial Equipment: Focus Shifts to Outcome-Based Metrics: With increasing regulation governing everything from emissions to water and energy use, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on output-based metrics to align supplier incentives, verify that compliance requirements are met, and that ROI is achieved.

  • Energy: Recent Price Trends May Be Flashing Buy Signs: Once an organization defines its tolerance for price risk, it needs a disciplined way to approach when and how to lock in long-term energy contracts. Our recent analysis indicates that now may be an opportune time to lock in a portion of demand.

We hope you enjoy reading this quarter’s report and the insights it has to offer.

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