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Increasing shopper relevance: Competing with private labels and other products

Accenture examines how consumer packaged goods companies can increase their shopper relevance to compete with private-­label and other products.


With increasing options and the rise of private labels, competition is fierce in consumer packaged goods (CPG). Increase your shopper relevance to position your company for growth.

Consumer packaged goods companies with brand-name products have traditionally enjoyed strong customer trust and loyalty. With recent changes in consumers’ attitudes and financial circumstances, private-label players are challenging this market dominance and proving to be fierce competitors.

In this report, Accenture studies how CPG companies can use innovation and excellence at the point of purchase, and tools such as predictive analytics, to stay on top.


In the past, consumers have been skeptical about the quality and efficacy of private labels. In recent years, the challenging economic situation has heightened consumers’ price sensitivity and opened their eyes to alternatives. Today, 50 percent of consumers buy private-label products because they perceive the quality to be as good as that of name brands.

A recent Accenture survey found that 58 percent of consumers do not believe that their spending power will reach pre-recession levels by 2013. As competition from private-label and other products continues to intensify, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies must take steps to protect and increase their market shares.


Major consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies still enjoy a brand advantage over private-label competitors, but the gap is narrowing as private-label product development and marketing becomes more sophisticated. Increasing “shopper relevance” through tailored products and customer experiences will be critical for maintaining a competitive footing in the consumer goods industry.

CPG companies have the scale, research and development (R&D) budgets and global infrastructure to give them an edge over private-label players. In this report, Accenture examines how these companies can capitalize on their head start.


Accenture has identified six ways that consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies can increase shopper relevance to compete with private labels:

  • Use predictive analytics to understand consumer preferences.

  • Create products that appeal to people’s emotions and aspirations.

  • Harness innovation to improve products, packaging and operations.

  • Expand into emerging economies.

  • Create effective, multichannel interactions with customers.

  • Optimize point-of-purchase experiences.

Read this report to discover how companies from across the CPG spectrum have found success with these strategies.