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Patient navigation: Improving access and quality of care

“My patient navigator saved my life.”– Alicia, Breast cancer survivor, MetroHeath System

Patient navigators help patients—especially underinsured patients—through financial, logistical, emotional, cultural and communications barriers that may lessen their ability to obtain the care they need across the healthcare continuum.

Implementing a patient navigation program, as part of a Provider’s Health Management strategy, ensures that patients are better equipped to overcome the medical and non-medical barriers that may keep them from gaining access to the timely quality care that they need. The outcome is to move patients from an unmanaged to a managed state to achieve better care and better health, at lower costs.

Today’s healthcare climate has increasing and diverse demands. Providers must generate revenue while decreasing costs and increasing access to care with reportable outcome data, payers want to cut administrative costs while building relationships with consumers and increasing engagement and patients need quality, affordable healthcare. Everyone in the healthcare system wants people to get well and patient navigation makes a positive difference.

Patient Navigation: Empowering Patients, Improving Bottom Line Results
Learn how a new job in healthcare—the Patient Navigator—not only empowers patients to overcome barriers to care, but reveals a positive return on investment and pays for itself in the first year.

Patient Navigation: Alicia’s Story
Hear first-hand from Alicia about how her patient navigator saved her life.

Patient Navigation: Celeste and Natalie’s Story
See how patient navigator Natalie empowered Celeste to overcome barriers to care.

Patient Navigation: Flash and Julie’s Story
Hear from Flash and Julie about how the patient navigation program is not just about customer service but compassionate care.

Patient Navigation: Dr Natalie Joseph, Surgical Oncologist
Find out from MetroHealth System ’s Surgical Oncologist Dr Natalie Joseph about the range of benefits the economically self-sustainable patient navigation program bring to patients and providers.

Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute: Higher Performance through Patient Navigation
Learn about the Patient Navigation Institute’s important work, and how Accenture is helping to expand patient navigation to providers and payers.

Patient Navigation: The Most Important Healthcare Job You’ve Never Heard of
Read about how patient navigation is a healthcare solution that can improve health outcomes and your bottom line results.

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems
Read how patient navigation brings the human touch to healthcare.

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