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Top 10 public service headlines for 2016

See what stories were top of mind in public service during the last year.
  1. Catching the millennial wave: attracting and retaining the new federal workforce

    Federal executives are optimistic about developing the next generation of leaders: Succession planners see the projected wave of retirement as a boost to the federal sector's ability to attract and retain talent, and Accenture research suggests a focus on engagement and the use of HR data and analytics.

  2. Big data, big gains: where the journey begins for public services

    Big data can make a big difference to the public service. Agencies are awash in citizen information, and have unmatched opportunities to use it in improving service delivery with lower costs, improved compliance and heightened security. In an environment of cost pressures, agencies looking to big data are demonstrating the future of public service.

  3. Next-generation mobile technology for more effective policing

    Police services have for centuries adopted mobile technology for safer and more effective policing—and now more than ever technology has the potential to transform. Accenture's mobility experience combines with the innovative suggestions of working officers to envision the next wave of improvement.

  4. Untangling immigration red tape with public service solutions

    Immigration has a central impact in the modern world, so the Finnish immigration service Migri created a process that was intuitive and provided concrete support for people in complex situations. Half of all citizenship applications—and 85 percent of students—now use the new service.

  5. Crime-preventing technologies to lead the digital police force

    Modern police forces are reviewing their service delivery and looking to compress their reaction times. Technology such as social media, mobile and analytics are part of the operational and cultural changes that the police force of the future will use to prevent crime and reduce danger to citizens.

  6. Pension systems cyber security

    Often, pension and retirement systems believe their vast quantities of personal data are secure simply because they have not yet been attacked by cyber criminals. Accenture thinks it's time for these agencies to shed false thinking about their security risk.

  7. A new support tool for child support caseworkers and families

    A new online calculator helps families in Michigan not only determine child support amounts, but also feel confident in how the calculations were made. Accenture and the Fjord design team ensured that using the tool is a clear and collaborative effort, easing a difficult process.

  8. A marathon, not a sprint: Federal agencies can deliver personalized citizen service

    A recent report by Accenture and the Partnership for Public Service notes improved customer centricity at leading federal agencies. The research shows four long-term priorities that put citizens first.

  9. Getting ahead of back-office disruption

    It's no longer all right to be surprised by change. Accenture's Technology Vision 2016 coined the term "Predictable Disruption" to acknowledge the reality of today's waves of change. Government back-office leaders need to develop and execute strategic visions with renewed focus and continuous flexibility.

  10. Redefining private and public sector relationships

    Accenture research finds public service agencies are ready to be open-minded and adaptable with new intelligent technologies, reinventing the delivery of services to citizens. A new level of innovation and unprecedented alliances may be on the horizon.

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