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Top 10 digital public service headlines of 2015

Take a look at the top stories in public service over the last year.

In this retrospective of the top public service headlines of 2015, find out why digital was at the forefront of delivering citizen services.

  1. US citizens are ready, willing—and waiting—for digital government
    US citizens of all ages were engaging digitally with government and wanted more digital services. The Accenture Public Services Pulse Survey uncovered an opportunity to make the digital government experience simple, clear, secure and efficient.

  2. New Zealand Answers the Call for Digital Tax Services
    Online banking services became increasingly commonplace among taxpayers, and they expected similar levels of innovation and service from revenue agencies. In response, New Zealand’s revenue agency transformed its processes to put taxpayers at the center.

  3. Public Service: Citizen-centered design defines truly ‘smart’ cities
    While cities looked for ways to engage citizens and unleash economic growth, it became clear that technology should be the means of delivery, not the objective. Forward-thinking cities explored how to put people ahead of processes to deliver public service for the future.

  4. Improving the student loan experience for the 21st century student
    Since 2002, the US Department of Education has processed over $1 trillion in federal student grants and loans. Looking to help current and prospective students plan their financial future, the Department of Education transformed its website with a new emphasis on financial literacy and awareness.

  5. Pension Reform 2015: Five ways to transform with technology—Infographic
    Pension systems and retirement agencies worked smarter and faster by implementing innovative design and technologies at the core–and more importantly, emerged as pension reform leaders.

  6. Public Safety Technology and Analytics Helps Cities Fight Crime and Protect Residents
    Urban expansion meant cities had to find solutions to new and complex public safety concerns. Public safety agencies around the world needed to go beyond policing by using analytics and smart technology to protect cities and keep citizens safe.

  7. Discover a digital technology vision for a new human services mission
    Accenture’s 2015 Technology Vision uncovered a new vision for the future of human services. With digital, human service agencies could shift from catching people when they fell to lifting them as they rose.

  8. Trading Places – How Customs Agencies must Secure Trade in the Digital World
    The world of trade transformed as digital goods and e-commerce grew increasingly dominant in the marketplace. Customs agencies took action to adapt to the new reality, stay effective and continue to protect citizens.

  9. Video analytics: Public Safety Solutions to Make the most of Camera Investments
    Public safety agencies worldwide struggled to monitor and maintain the volume of CCTV footage. In the face of limited resources and increased citizen expectations, video analytics proved to be a reliable and trusted technology to free up public safety staff for more important tasks.

  10. Digital Taxpayers Reshape Revenue Agencies
    Revenue agencies needed to shift from looking digital to being digital. By adopting a new taxpayer-centric operating model to engage citizens digitally, revenue agencies could look forward to improved voluntary compliance.

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