Transportation analysis: Establishing new rules and roles for public transportation

Our transportation analysis shows that high performing public transport agencies look beyond traditional transportation solutions.


Our transportation analysis shows that high performing public transport authorities and operators look beyond traditional transportation solutions by becoming more customer-centric and ensuring sustainable city development.

Today, passengers demand transportation solutions that deliver a higher level of service and a great travel experience. Technological innovations are driving the demand for better service as well as enabling public transportation players to deliver it.

Our latest research shows that public transit authorities and operators can go beyond their traditional outcomes by:

  • Maximizing demand for services

  • Optimizing mobility capacity

  • Rethinking business models

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Accenture’s transportation analysis identifies the various challenges that public transport providers face: rising fuel costs, lower subsidies and an increasing demand for enhanced travel experiences. The operators also face regulatory pressures to provide sustainable transportation solutions 'with lower emissions and greener operations.

Against this backdrop of unprecedented changes, we launched an in-depth transportation analysis study, “High performance in public transport: How authorities and operators can go beyond their traditional outcomes.” The research covered 12 cities worldwide and applied the Accenture High Performance Business methodology to identify gaps in the marketplace for addressing the demands of today and tomorrow.

The study highlights that getting the basics right was still high on the agenda for most public transport operators, but was not enough for going beyond traditional outcomes. Initiatives related to safety, price, punctuality and decreased travel time are also important in delivering enhanced transportation solutions and achieving increased usage, better quality of service and accessibility for all.

Key Findings

Each of the cities we surveyed is on its journey toward high performance in public transportation. The leading city transport providers are investing in technology and mobility solutions that allow them to innovate. Overall, all the cities are focusing on exploring three options to provide enhanced transportation solutions:

  • Maximizing demand: Our transportation analysis shows that transport providers in all the cities surveyed are working to maximize demand for their services. They are establishing real-time mobile and direct communication to enable better interaction with customers. Additionally, they are collecting and analyzing data to drive further demand and customize offerings accordingly.

  • Optimizing mobility capacity: As passenger flows are getting more complex and financial resources are becoming scarcer in many cities, public transport authorities and operators are facing a dilemma: to do more with less. As a result, optimizing mobility services is now top on most transport players’ agendas. They are focusing on rationalizing and optimizing routes, implementing sustainable transportation solutions to reduce costs and adopting the cloud technology.

  • Rethinking business models and aligning organizations: Operators and authorities are considering how to revise business models by building on their differentiated expertise. Optimizing costs may not always be enough to release the cash flow necessary for investing in key areas to maximize demand and mobility. Authorities and operators are diversifying business models and exploring collaboration options with third-party developers to create apps and other enhanced services for the public.