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Accenture combines mobility and analytics to transform retail as it hits the “Digital” start button

Highlights from an HfS Research Point of View


According to research firm HfS, “Accenture has positioned Digital to be the main engagement point for clients to access multiple skills.” The report says Accenture Digital melds “three allied practices: Accenture Analytics, Accenture Interactive and Accenture Mobility.”

The HfS report highlights two critical markets Accenture Digital serves:

  • Digital Customers, Channels and Markets: “The focus for Accenture … is to explicitly bring in Mobility as it works on designing, enabling and improving multichannel customer engagements, customer experience management [and] ecommerce optimization,” among other areas.

  • Digital Enterprise: “Accenture will … develop new platforms and business processes around digital in core operations. The initial initiatives are particularly geared around digital applicability in core operations in financial services and retail markets.”


“Over the years,” HfS says, “Accenture has been investing … to build out its digital design and delivery capacity to impact end-to-end digital businesses across a variety of industries. Today with 23,000 employees globally in this newly formed Growth Platform, it is arguably one of the largest digital organizations within any service provider, and in a position … to provide clients access to specialized skills, at scale, globally. Further, it is able to tap all the resources of Accenture, from onsite strategy consultants to offshore BPO.

“Accenture demonstrated that Digital is not always about changing some core process but rather creating a digital rendition of that process that one can enhance. The company’s ‘Digital Commerce Solution’ outlined just this—bringing together broad offerings in marketing BPO, insights and analytics, mobile wallet, recommendation engine, cloud commerce platform and commerce ecosystem infrastructure.”


“Accenture’s flagship examples from its Digital Growth Platform meaningfully combine capabilities that were being developed in isolation to create a more robust customer experience,” HfS says. “This is good news for retailers struggling to differentiate in a world where much of their business is increasingly moving online. With greater pressure on margins, lower spending, changing buying habits and low customer retention, retailers are open to exploring multiple ways of improving customer experience and using relevant [social, mobile, analytics and cloud] technologies to create differentiation.

“Accenture’s reveal of its Digital initiatives are extremely relevant in addressing this core industry opportunity with technology assets,” HfS adds.

Ned May is senior vice president of research and a member of the research leadership team at HfS.

Reetika Joshi is a research director at HfS Research. She tracks technology-enabled BPO opportunities in insurance and retail.

HfS Research is an independent analyst authority and community for the global business services and outsourcing industry.