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Accenture leads as the Finance & Accounting As-a-Service BPO provider

HfS Research recognized Accenture for “investing to progress its talent, embrace Intelligent Automation and evolve to business outcomes-driven F&A solutions As-a-Service”

In April 2016 HfS Research published its HfS Blueprint Report: Finance & Accounting As-a-Service Business Process Outsourcing, naming Accenture to the “Winner’s Circle” and ranking Accenture as the Leader—in both innovation and execution. The report recognizes Accenture’s ability to develop talent, apply intelligent automation, foster intelligent and collaborative engagement, invest in technology and project a vision for Finance As-a-Service.

HfS Research notes that Accenture is leading this offering by “making recognizable investments in future capabilities in talent and technology” to progress our as-a-Service delivery, and our business outcome driven F&A solutions including our focus on intelligent automation and analytics.

HfS stated that Accenture goes beyond what they are seeing as “more “standard” automation,” noting that “Accenture has pilots underway in artificial intelligence such as using IPSoftAmelia as a virtual assistant at the F&A Help Desk.” HfS describes Accenture as of the “most advanced in both the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Finance and experimenting with cognitive computing.”

© Copyright HfS Research. Source: Finance & Accounting As-a-Service Business Process Outsourcing Blueprint. April 2016 by Phil Fersht, Barbra Sheridan McGann and Hema Santosh

The HfS Blueprint identifies relevant differentials between service providers across a number of facets under two main categories: innovation and execution.