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Accenture health technology consulting

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Technology never stands still. There is the constant ebb and flow of the old and the new, the traditional and the cutting-edge. Healthcare organizations can turn the promise of technology into performance—for the organization and for the people it serves—by embracing change.

The role of the healthcare technology organization is evolving rapidly. IT was once a cost center isolated from the business. Not anymore. In the digital health era, IT is increasingly a strategic driver of change. Yesterday’s focus on execution has become today’s focus on innovation and agility.

Orchestrating the dynamic mix of yesterday, today and tomorrow technologies is critical for healthcare organizations to boost efficiencies, reduce costs, meet customer demand and reinvent service delivery. It requires fundamental changes to technology and also, to people, process and culture. A new future is there for the taking. Now healthcare organizations must unleash it.



The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly as the old world gives way to the new.

The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly as the old world gives way to the new.



We advise on top-of-mind issues such as balancing legacy investments with migration to digital and the cloud, adopting new IT, managing multi-speed delivery and operating models, evaluating vendors and platforms, and planning complex transformation programs.

Health plans must change medicare marketing

The way health plans market to potential Medicare enrollees is obsolete in the wake of later retirement and increasing digital savvy.

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How Lean Six Sigma (LSS) initiatives can overlook, even hamper, critical hospital supply savings.

Blog: Ideas launched at Accenture Healthtech Innovation Challenge finals

Open innovation approach dominates a startup contest showcasing our amazing healthcare future.

We work with IT organizations to optimize this foundation, offering industry-specific technology and security expertise. We focus on architecture planning, technology architecture delivery, performance engineering and DevOps delivery.

Accenture-AHIP Webinar: Blockchain 101

Blockchain is the next hot technology in healthcare. While still a nascent technology in the industry, blockchain has potential to help.

Health analytics: From EHR to ROI

To increase returns on technology investments, providers could apply health analytics to data that are fundamental to their businesses.

We provide experienced program leadership and management, develop sound business cases and clear program requirements, and design and develop program-level testing strategies that scale and achieve business objectives.

5 Trends Show Healthcare Technology’s Future

Accenture Health research uncovers some surprises for 2018.

Digital Health Tech Vision 2017

The Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision 2017 report showcases the top five tech trends and innovations essential to business success.

Shopping assistance: Experience matters for public HIX consumers

Different shoppers need different types of assistance to select the most appropriate plan.


  • Accenture Health Technology Consulting is different because we work at the intersection of business and technology. Our focus is never on technology for technology’s sake. That’s not the way to develop strategies and solutions that last in today’s dynamic technology environment.

    Whether projects involve small changes, sweeping transformation, or something in between, we start with our clients’ business challenges. From there, our teams work as trusted advisors, determining which technology solutions, assets and partnerships can help healthcare organizations achieve desired outcomes. Our strengths include:

    • Technical expertise
    • Industry knowledge
    • Delivery excellence
    • Alliance partnerships
    • Commitment to innovation
    • Transformation track record



Chris D'hondt

Chris D'hondt
Managing Director, Technology Consulting

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Kristin Ficery

Kristin Ficery
Managing Director, Management Consulting

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