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The future of onshore wind operations and maintenance


Operations And

Maintenance A Breeze

For Onshore Wind Operators

Onshore wind is now among the world’s most competitive energy sources.

But new technologies are needed to repower, retrofit and extend the life of current assets. There is a significant opportunity for operators to enhance asset value by optimizing their operations and maintenance.

Whether a large global portfolio player, a large player with single-country operations or a medium-size independent power producer (IPP), all onshore wind operators share a common opportunity: to make significant improvements to O&M. Our research revealed five key themes, each with its own opportunities for each type of operators. The importance of digital technologies and enablers such as big data and analytics is a common thread to truly optimize O&M.

This study uncovers five themes and explores opportunities for onshore wind operators to drive additional value in O&M.

Read the report to explore each theme in greater detail, understanding the differences by operator type and the resulting opportunities.

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