Forging a Path toward a Digital Grid

Global Perspectives on Smart Grid Opportunities


Smart grid is becoming mainstream, with solutions providing distribution networks with a valuable set of potential tools to help them deliver electricity reliably, safely and cost-effectively.

Varying national energy challenges, regulation and industry structures mean that there will be no single “right” timing and approach for deploying smart grid technologies and solutions around the world. Utilities face a key choice of where and how quickly they should transition from traditional/classical to smart technologies.

Examine the potential opportunities of a smarter grid, and evaluate the options for smart grid business models to navigate a pragmatic route to the benefits.



Key Findings

Smart grid is here to stay and is becoming mainstream. Accenture’s utilities executive survey, conducted as part of our Digitally Enabled Grid program on insights from smart grid and smart metering, finds that 98 percent of utilities executives consider the smart grid to be a natural extension of the ongoing upgrades to the electricity network.

Smart grid is embraced globally, though varying local energy challenges will drive differing priorities for deployment. We analyzed 15 countries against five key challenges to help determine the priorities for distribution companies in the next five years, as well as rated the degree of support for smart grid deployment.

Our assessment demonstrates that while all assessed countries have specific national challenges that could drive the deployment of specific smart grid solutions in the near term, some countries face a broader set of challenges that could result in more pervasive use of smart grid solutions.

Accenture has identified three strategic practical approaches to how smart grid might be exploited. Review the report for more details about each approach.


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