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Fjord Trends 2017 Summary

  1. EPHEMERAL STORIES: Where next, now that everyone's a storyteller? It is time for brands to give their audience the space to shape their own story.

  2. SHINY API PEOPLE: Rewiring for innovation. Breaking down silos to create fertile ground for organization-wide innovation.

  3. BLURRED REALITY: As Mixed Reality moves towards the mainstream, let's turn away from single reality experiences to focus on harnessing and combining all types of reality.

  4. WORLD ON WHEELS: The focus is now on the car as a connected mobile environment in which things happen via multiple devices.

  5. HOMES WITHOUT BOUNDARIES: From the smart home to the helpful home, with services built around and for humans rather than technology and objects.

  6. HOURGLASS BRANDS: Don't get stuck in the middle! With a polarized brand landscape, brands sitting in the squeezed middle will need to optimize their strategies in order to survive.

  7. ME, MYSELF AND A.I.: Humanizing chatbots, emotional intelligence (EQ) becomes a critical A.I. differentiator.

  8. UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: Organizations should start to think about social experiences to guard against unintended consequences of their activities.

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