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Five steps to HR optimization: Step 3 help employees help themselves—Infographic

Use self-service technology to give employees control over many HR transactions and foster collaboration across the organization.


For more information, please download the full report Five Steps to HR Optimization.

Additional Infographic

Five Steps to HR Optimization: Step 1 Get the Basics Right—Infographic
Revise redundant and disparate business processes and policies for quick wins that set direction.

Five Steps to HR Optimization: Step 2 Gear Up Tech Time—Infographic
Implement technology to support new business processes, which collect and connect clean data, allowing HR to measure activities and identify areas for improvement.


Five Steps to HR Optimization: Step 4 Enable Big Data, Easy Access—Infographic
Incorporate business intelligence tools to drive new insights across HR and the organization.


Five Steps to HR Optimization: Step 5 Bring More to the Table—Infographic
Bring executives what they need to make better decisions.