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Five steps to HR optimization

Transforming from transactional back-office HR operations to strategic mission support


Disparate HR functions, legacy systems with numerous interfaces and little, or useless data—these are just some of the challenges with which government agencies with transactional back-office HR operations struggle.

This infographic details five ways agencies can transform their transactional back-office HR operations to an environment that enables successful outcomes through strategic mission support.

Many government agencies today are challenged with transactional back-office HR operations. Often these agencies face disparate functions, legacy systems with numerous interfaces, a lack of employee self-service, little or useless data, and reactive responses.

These agencies share a common goal: they all need to realize the outcomes derived from moving towards an HR environment that supports the agency’s mission strategically. Whether it is sharing services across an agency or establishing a single-core HR system, these desired outcomes are key to achieving Strategic Government Efficiency.


With a concentrated focus on the employee, government agencies’ HR operations can move closer to enabling mission outcomes through small, yet impactful steps.

We recommend agencies consider these five steps to optimize their HR operations:

  • Step 1: Get the Basics Right. Revise redundant and disparate business processes and policies for quick wins that set direction.

  • Step 2: Gear Up Tech Time. Implement technology to support new business processes, which collect and connect clean data, allowing HR to measure activities and identify areas for improvement.

  • Step 3: Help Employees Help Themselves. Use self-service technology to give employees control over many HR transactions and foster collaboration across the organization.

  • Step 4: Enable Big Data, Easy Access. Incorporate business intelligence tools to drive new insights across HR and the organization.

  • Step 5: Bring More to the Table. Bring executives what they need to make better decisions.