Finance leads the charge in
unconventional operations

It's time for the finance organization to address the fundamental challenges that shale operators face.


Rapid growth in shale gas and oil is leaving support functions in exploration and production (E&P) companies overwhelmed. Not only are companies facing the operational challenges of struggling to keep pace with increases in transactional volume, but many companies are also failing to develop an organizational structure that promotes efficient and effective operations.

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Key Findings

Finance has an excellent view of operational processes, enabling it to identify points of improvement across multi-functional operations and break down silos. We refer to this concept as “finance as the integrator.”

Three key actions for finance to lead the charge

  1. Get the decimal right.

  2. Turn owner relations into a competitive advantage.

  3. Provide visibility on performance to drive effective decision making.


Rohit Khanna
Managing Director
Accenture Strategy

Michael Kocan
Accenture Strategy