Federal IT: Paths to improvement

Insights into federal IT investment challenges and solutions


Accenture’s Michael Lumb recently sat down with Scott Quehl, a former CFO and assistant secretary for Administration, to discuss some of the challenges seen in the CIO study this year and his insights on how these challenges can be addressed.

Promoting Federal IT from the Back Office to Agency Partner

IT represents a vast percentage of IT spend, and it requires capable federal executives and staff to make it work, both on the program side and on the IT side.

"It’s almost impossible to imagine delivering government mission without IT."

C-Suite Collaboration Starts with Breaking Down Silos in Federal IT

Wanting to work together is not enough. C-Suite executives all have to sit at the table and work together to determine a strategy, to map it out and then to execute it.
“Are we creating, accidentally, this notion of an IT empire where other folks—from mission, from program, from HR, from finance, from acquisitions—are somehow feeling excluded?”

Leveraging Metrics to Prove Quick Federal IT Wins

External or internal benchmarks, including those offered by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), can help agencies determine where they are efficient and where there is room for improvement.

Culture Change: Using Strategic Investing to Modernize Federal IT


If agencies can demonstrate savings from efficiencies, they can use a share of those savings to invest in strategic initiatives and emerging technologies to modernize federal IT.

Balancing Risk within the Federal IT Investment Portfolio

To balance risk against IT investments, all the senior executives need to work together to define a portfolio of IT protocols and to determine a process for delegating program management.
“Managing risk associated with major IT programs is essential—not just to deliver mission, not just from a financial perspective, not just from a technology perspective, but from a reputational perspective.”

Building an Effective Business Case for Federal IT Investment

Agencies must make a strong business case to invest in major IT projects that will have mission, technology and financial implications.

Using Federal IT to Drive a Better Citizen Experience


Technology lets citizens feel connected to the programs and information that they are paying for. It lets them find what they need, based on their own requirements, when they need it.

Michael Lumb
Michael Lumb

Managing Director

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Scott Quehl
Scott Quehl

Strategy Principal Director

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