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Accenture’s 2016 Tech Trends Impact on Nonprofits

The Nonprofit Stakeholders

Nonprofits can apply these trends in intelligent ways:


Intelligent Automation could allow nonprofits to accelerate their time to market using software intelligence while allowing for streamlined communication with those that they serve.


Using platform-based business models could allow nonprofits to accelerate intake and feedback from volunteers while simultaneously consolidating volunteer data.


Building digital trust with a nonprofit could help donors know they are making good decisions and strengthen their relationship with nonprofit for years to come.

Partners & Influencers

A nonprofit that is capable of Predictive Disruption could help find other complementary areas of growth and potentially new partners and influences in those areas.

Leadership & Staff

A Liquid Workforce model including continuous training and freelancing, could help nonprofit staff build new core competencies and increase nonprofit efficiency and retention.

The Benefits

They can achieve multiple benefits for them and their stakeholders:

What if...

Empowered Nonprofit Workforce:

A nonprofit that works across disparate underrepresented regions had access to their peers and assets on a connected mobile device? This could help the nonprofit bring all they have to offer in a remote setting.

Informed Decision Making:

A global institution delivering complex solutions has a data analytics platform integrated across their services? This could help them make smarter more impactful investments based on integrated data across services.

Increasing Engagement:

A foundation focused on food security had an open collaboration site where people can connect and report on their successes and current situation? This could help the foundation learn about initiatives that are working and discover new problems in real time.

Improved Operational Efficiency:

A nonprofit had a connected network of devices collecting results on the impact of local initiatives? This could create effective collection of impact-based results for better reporting to donors and beneficiaries.

Seamless Stakeholder Experience:

An association had a one-stop portal that was designed with the members in mind? This could help members receive the right support in the right place at the right time.

Case Studies

These nonprofits below have realized the outcomes of digital:

The UN, Accenture, Salesforce, and Nielsen partnered to create the “Project 8” platform which allows for data collaborating in order to inform decisions regarding poverty, food, and development.

Catholic Health Initiatives implemented an intelligent health analytic solution which enabled them to identify at-risk population groups and provide precise interventions.

The UN is enabling a more agile workforce through the deployment of a system which ensures the UN globally operates using the same ethical data, policies, and procedures.

With a lean forward approach AVI developed a plan to increase scale of offerings and channels to deliver a positive experience for their volunteers and staff.

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