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Digital government: Untapped potential

Goodbye to the gap

In 2014, an Accenture Public Service Pulse Survey found that 73 percent of citizens expected the same or higher quality from government digital services as from commercial organizations. In the most recent survey—just two years later—that number surged to 85 percent. The findings suggest that the idea of a digital experience that’s “good enough for government” will soon be a thing of the past.

As commercial digital experiences continue to improve, the bar for government keeps getting higher. The gap between what citizens experience elsewhere in their lives and what they will accept from government is closing—fast.


Meet government's “Digital super-users”


Citizens expecting the same or higher quality from government digital services as they do from commercial organizations

How can government get ahead of the curve? An Accenture Public Service Pulse Survey points to the importance of government’s “Digital Super-Users.”

Representing 23 percent of the study population, Digital Super-Users are citizens who say they use their computer or mobile device multiple times every day for a variety of activities, including shopping, booking travel and managing their finances. These citizens are also heavy users of social media and mobile apps.

Super insights from super-users

4 in 10 citizens are still not satisfied

To understand what citizens of the future will expect, what they will value and what will most affect their views of government, look to the Digital Super-Users of today. These highly digital citizens are like “leading indicators” for digital government—giving clear signals on how to prioritize and plan investments.


"Digital Super-Users’ behaviors and preferences reflect the digital experiences they enjoy from providers in multiple industries: personalized content and product recommendations, one-click ordering and customer service that moves seamlessly from smartphone to laptop and back."


Peter Huchinson

Peter C. Hutchinson
Managing Director, Public Service Strategy
Health & Public Service

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Steve Hurst

Steve Hurst
North America Public Service Digital Lead
Health & Public Service

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