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Digital China 2020

An action plan for Chinese enterprises.


The digital growth driver

Digital technologies have the power to be the new driver of China's future growth. By harnessing the power of digital, China stands to grow its gross domestic product (GDP) by 3.75 percent by 2020—the equivalent of adding US$527 billion to the economy during that timeframe. While China can benefit hugely from being digital, such opportunities have yet to be translated into Chinese businesses' real digital investments. Many lack a systematic approach to creating new business value from digital technologies.

By building a digital transformation roadmap, Chinese enterprises can better position themselves to capture digital opportunities - and to thrive as part of "Digital China."



Compared to its global counterparts, China stands to gain the maximum advantage from embracing digitalization. But we found that Chinese companies lack a well-defined digital strategy or digital business model and have yet to decode how to operate digitally.

Our research shows that expanding China’s economy depends on recognizing that:

Improving productivity is key

Previous drivers of economic growth—labor and capital investments—are disrupted

China´s labor market (millions)

Fixed asset investment in China, 2011 to 2015 (RMB billion)

Digital technologies can drive productivity improvements

China has the most to gain from digital technologies

GDP growth from investment in digitalization

Chinese investments in digital technologies must accelerate

Chinese enterprises are falling behind most of the 32 leading economies

Investments in digital technologies must accelerate



Chinese enterprises need to take three major steps in their digital transformation journey.

Chinese enterprises must define a digital strategy, business model and operating model and execute effectively to master digital transformation.


Define digital value to be created
Use digital to profitably engage connected customers and optimize process costs

Foster ownership, capabilities and mind-set to deliver digital business value
Make digital value creation a C-suite priority, shift mind-sets and introduce the right capabilities

Build digital business and operating models
Focus on the profit formula and assign digital resources and metrics. Develop a culture where digital can thrive

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Qi Wu

Qi Wu

Deputy Geographic Unit and Country Managing Director Accenture Greater China

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Raghav Narsalay

Raghav Narsalay

Managing Director for Innovation and Risk Management Research Accenture Institute for High Performance

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Serena Jing Qiu

Research Manager
Accenture Institute for High Performance

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