Deliver better outcomes through digital

Digital government innovations like mobility, analytics, cloud platforms and social create new opportunities to provide better outcomes for citizens and rationalize costs—delivering public service for the future.

Digital Government Insights

Six Characteristics

Learn more about the six characteristics of a future-ready digital government.

Seamless Citizen Experience

Provide increased transparency and an experience that meets citizen expectations and ultimately increases trust.


Increasing Engagement

Helping government figure out solutions for a two-way dialogue with citizens built on 24/7 access and more personalized service.

Empowered & Informed Decision Making

Allow broader, quicker access to data within and outside of your agency to enable better decision making.

Flexibility for the Future

Help improve delivery today while keeping agencies flexible and poised to address the policy and organizational challenges of tomorrow.


Improved Operational Efficiency

The New CIO: Transforming to a Digital World


Delivering on Mission

Focusing money spent on providing efficiency and analytic benefits that allow agencies to delivery program integrity.

Telling The Digital Story

A digital public wants a digital government. In today's digital world, government leaders at every level face an urgent question: With limited resources, how can they deliver services that engage citizens and delight them? Hear Steve Hurst, Digital Government lead at Accenture, explore this digital disruption, the implications for government, and the opportunity and actions you can take to meet citizens' demand for digital public services.
In December of 2015, Accenture Managing Directors Peter Hutchinson and Steve Hurst presented at Governing's Leadership Forum in California. During the Forum, they were asked to share their unique perspectives on tips for improving state and local government, including Digital government. Watch the one-minute videos below to see what they had to say.​



Accenture Public Service is Digitizing Governments Around the World

Accenture Public Service is digitally empowering governments across the globe. From administrative processes to advanced analytics, we're helping institutions to use digital to achieve their missions and provide people with more effective, personalized services. Our journey of digitization has touched thousands of citizens' lives—from the US, to the UK, across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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Read additional reports and articles on government technology and how to adapt to digital disruption.

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