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TMT: A breakthrough in collaboration


Experience enterprise-wide collaboration capabilities that help ensure tasks are automated, accurate and completed on time.

Many federal agencies hold the potential to gain valuable time and cost savings with new digital solutions that address outdated manual processes and inefficient collaboration practices. Defense agencies, in particular, are unique in the sheer volume of tasks and the ever-increasing flow of information moving into and across the organization. New technology is now available to help digitize the back office, addressing critical business capabilities that go beyond a focus on team-level interaction to full agency collaboration. For any agency, replacing outdated, manual procedures to complete tasks and collaborate with others will save time and resources, and ultimately improve mission delivery.


Digital collaboration tools—from instant messaging to social media, from telepresence to Web-based project management, and much more—are a natural part of our work lives now. They have improved communication, dramatically increased productivity and driven innovative thinking by bringing people together and connecting them immediately to expertise and best practices.

Accenture Federal Services has embraced the concepts of collaboration and taken it to the enterprise level with the development of the Accenture Task Management Tool (TMT) specifically geared for federal government. Across the board, federal agencies manage a massive volume of tasks, and tracking all the intricacies of each one as it is worked throughout a large organization presents a challenge. TMT simplifies task management from delegation through approval.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft SharePoint, TMT has capabilities designed specifically for tasking in large enterprises. It supports enterprise-wide collaboration on different types of operational or policy creation as well as for personnel actions and approvals. It gives individuals a common place to store documents and a common place to find who is doing what and by when. It can assign tasks to teams or individuals, create levels of sub-assignments as needed, and ensure all staff can see task information and deadlines in one location.

As situations change, information updates can be provided immediately. TMT assignments can be changed at any time, and email notifications are sent automatically to impacted parties. As staff respond, real-time status and responses are visible across the entire organization. TMT as a platform for enterprise-wide enterprise task management can easily scale to accommodate large organizations.


As organizations adopt and shift to greater use of enterprise technology capabilities, many are learning that not all task management systems are equal. One organization realized a 35 percent efficiency gain within two months of moving from a home-grown system to TMT. Further reports indicate others are seeing approval wait times shortened by as much as 50 percent over just three months.1

Or consider the experience of the US Air Force. Prior to deploying TMT, users expressed frustration with team-based collaboration methods due to lack of visibility and time spent looking for assigned contact points and status updates. After deployment of TMT, users experienced increased visibility of task status and the additional advantage of archive capability. TMT delivered efficiencies at every step of a task’s lifecycle, with an overall cost benefit of $1.4 million annually at one command in strategic efficiency savings.2

To assess whether your agency can benefit from adopting TMT, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How efficient are interaction and cooperation between agency support and operations?

  • Are agency processes as efficient as they could be, and can you measure it?

  • Are capabilities designed for individual teams or for the entire agency?

  • Does the flow of information support fast paced operational needs?

  • Are personnel often waiting on approvals?

  • Is there room for improvement in successfully delivering services and information?

Enterprise technology capabilities hold great potential for organizations, but tools need to extend beyond the back office. As an enterprise-wide collaboration tool, TMT helps ensure that the volumes of tasks are automated, accurate and completed on time, while the flow of information is seamless and secure.

1 “Twice the results in half the time: A breakthrough in enterprise collaboration,” Accenture article, 2015.
2 “Knowledge Operations (KO) Tools Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA),” Headquarters, Air Combat Command, Directorate of Communications, Warfighter Technology Division, Knowledge Operations Branch, Langley AFB, VA, page 30, September 2011.


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