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Big Bang Disruption: Strategy in the age of devastating innovation

In the age of devastating innovation, any business can be displaced virtually overnight by something better and cheaper.  


Everything you need from business school in one very direct book. Big Bang Disruption elegantly and simply identifies why innovation happens in some new companies and how you can embrace and harness this new way of thinking.

Dick Costolo

Former CEO Twitter


Big Bang Disruption collapses Everett Rogers’s classic bell curve of five distinct customer segments for technology adoption—innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards.

When Big Bang Disruptors take off, they do so quickly, rising and falling less like a curve and more like a shark’s fin. Now, there are only two market segments: trial users and everybody else.


In the Age of Devastating Innovation, executives can harness the power of Big Bang Disruption and protect their businesses by following 12 rules:


Big Bang Disruption Webinar with Harvard Business Review

Watch a webinar replay with the authors of “Big Bang Disruption.” Or, read the webinar.



What is Big Bang Disruption?

Big Bang Disruption Topples Traditional Business Strategy

Forget the Bell Curve. It’s Now a Shark Fin

Paul Nunes: Utilities need to prepare for devastating innovation

Paul Nunes: Utilities need to prepare for devastating innovation

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Meet The Authors

Larry Downes

Larry Downes
Project Director at The Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

Larry Downes is an Internet industry analyst and author on the impact of disruptive technologies on business and policy. His first book, “Unleashing the Killer App,” was one of the biggest business bestsellers of the early 2000s. He is a columnist for Forbes and, and writes regularly for other publications including USA Today and the Harvard Business Review. He lives in Berkeley, CA.


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Paul F. Nunes

Paul F. Nunes
Global Managing Director

Paul Nunes is the global managing director of Research at the Accenture Institute for High Performance, and the Senior Contributing Editor at Outlook, Accenture's journal of thought leadership. His most recent book is “Jumping the S-Curve.” His research findings have been covered by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Forbes. He lives in Boston, MA.


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Follow the latest disruptive technology observations by Paul Nunes and Larry Downes via their blog.

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