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Bring the back office to the forefront of government innovation

Back to the mission

Budgetary constraints and other external factors have forced government back-office functions to focus limited resources on transactional and compliance obligations. In most back offices, workload has looked too much like this:


HR finance & procurement

The real mission of government back-office functions isn’t processing transactions or addressing compliance. It’s:


Finding, nurturing and retaining top-tier talent


Creating and improving innovative funding mechanisms while enhancing compliance and transparency


Seeking out, developing and managing relationships to continuously improve service delivery

How can back-office functions shift focus and innovate to shape better results?

Go with what’s proven

There are proven transformational strategies to help offload processing work—and renew focus on the true mission

Transformation through innovation

Accenture’s own experience

Automation and robotics

Accenture Operations is moving our bar too—significantly changing our operations business and talent mix through automation and robotics.


  • Business Advisors
    • Focus on Business outcomes
    • Accelerates Analytics Services
    • Expand footprint in MarketingOps, FP&A, RTR, Network
  • Process Specialist
    • Enhance footprint Talent, OTC and Health
  • Process Delivery
    • Digitalization
    • Self Service Robotic Factory
    • Global Productivity Hub
    • MiniBots

Achieving productivity of 17,000+ FTEs through automation

Investing for Transformation

Former Head of Business Design
UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

We’d like the operation to work in quite a different way—being able to spend more of their time doing the high-value work. That’s the answer that touches the biggest section of our population, but in addition, there are smaller bits of the business, like data scientists, where we need to be investing much more heavily.

LEARN MORE: Launching an insights driven organization

Leading organizations are moving beyond just using analytics and are transforming themselves into insight-powered enterprises.

Accenture studied the most analytically-mature companies to better understand this transformation.

Accenture’s vision for back office transformation

Download our point of view about Back Office Transformation

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Start today

Bring the back office to the forefront and accelerate performance—with Accenture Government Business Transformation Toolkit.

A proven process that helps you to:

Develop organizational consensus on the focus and direction of your specific transformation journey

Identify opportunities to use the latest digital innovations—informed by leading practices

Become a Center of Innovation

Achieving Back Office Excellence

Learn more about the Accenture Government Business Transformation Toolkit

Emerging technologies to transform government back office

Discuss your plans

Mark Howard

Global Administration Segment Lead
Public Service, Accenture

Mark Howard

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