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Deliver customer value through retail branch networks

Power the agile bank branch by re-imagining relationships, retail, customers and community.


Breaking the branch mold

Disruptive market forces are changing the role of the bank branch, and with it, blurring the direct line between branch share and market share. As banks reinvent a network they can no longer sustain, one thing is clear: The branch is not dead, but it should be different.


Four objectives of the agile branch:


Brand Awareness & Community Building

Influence brand perception by translating a clear value proposition into every customer experience.


Sales & Advisory & Customer Acquisition

Acquire customers through proactive contacts, data-driven decision making and conversion of leads.


Education & Connection

Build rapport with customers by providing programs to develop their financial skill set and digital literacy.


Self Service

Empower customers with convenient, easy-to-use self-service tools.



Five fundamentals on the road to the agile branch:


Start with soul searching

Banks should take a hard look in the mirror to determine what kind of agile bank they want to be. This identity check will inform the branch mix.


Prepare to act faster than ever

Banks should develop internal capabilities to manage the complexity and responsiveness of an agile network. This means empowering fast changes, prototyping and closed customer feedback loops.


Give power to the people

Agile branch models hinge on having the right people in place, and the right culture to support them. Agile branch associates require very specific behaviors—digitally savvy, proactive, customer-oriented, energetic team players—and the list goes on.


Tear down those walls

Complexity is the kryptonite of the agile bank branch. Banks can overcome it by building an agile network, including leadership teams with quick decision authority, a true multi-channel environment without “edges” between digital and physical experiences, and customer data insight that infuses sales, service and marketing touchpoints all the time.


Think beyond the banking experience

Building community and connecting with customers in meaningful ways means providing experiences that deliver value beyond processing transactions. Think of it as extending customer relationships beyond their financial lives.


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