Agile Agency, improved citizen services

The Accenture Public Service Platform empowers the US Department of Homeland Security to adapt quickly to change.


Faced with decreasing budgets, growing service demands and constant policy changes, improving citizen services effectively and efficiently can be a tall order for the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Adding to these pressures is technology that’s stressed to keep up—let alone respond to future demands.

Access to reliable, sophisticated information is at the heart of DHS’ ability to protect the nation and provide citizens with an elevated level of service—but the information is only as good as the engine that drives it. Antiquated IT legacy systems are laden with a lack of flexibility, maintainability and scalability, making them ill-equipped to deliver the agility the Department depends on.


The Accenture Public Service Platform (APSP) is a service-based technology platform that enables enterprise-wide integration and legacy renewal. APSP is in use by DHS today, providing an out-of-the-box, service oriented architecture (SOA) that helps

  • Improve integration. Connecting best of breed products seamlessly often takes months to integrate, upgrade, enhance or expand. APSP’s turnkey solution can help DHS launch and manage SOA implementation and is engineered to support products from multiple vendors. What’s more, APSP helps DHS meet open source requirements.

  • Reduce costs. APSP gives DHS the ability to leverage existing legacy investments while enabling a migration path for application and architectural renewal. The platform uses pre-tested, pre-configured connectors to take the guesswork out of SOA implementation. These components can eliminate as much as half the time associated with configuring typical platform implementations.

  • Provide better citizen service. Tested and refined in real-world environments, APSP reduces DHS’ technological, operational and security risks. In addition, APSP enables citizens to engage with DHS in an integrated, personal way and provides an elevated level of service similar to what is expected from commercial websites.


The Accenture Public Service Platform provides the development and deployment architecture platform to facilitate many of DHS’ technology, governance and resource management goals: 

DHS goal: Establish secure IT services and capabilities to protect the homeland. How Accenture Public Service Platform can help: APSP integrates with message queues, security platforms and other commercial and open-source middleware capabilities.

DHS goal: Strengthen and unify DHS’ ability to share information and services internally and with external industry partners. How Accenture Public Service Platform can help: The platform’s Security Service Layer provides a “security context” that encapsulates a user’s roles, rights and entitlements. 

DHS goal: Improve transparency, accountability and efficiencies of services and programs through effective governance and enterprise architecture. How Accenture Public Service Platform can help: SOA-based applications improve transparency of IT programs. 

DHS goal: Develop and implement a comprehensive approach to IT employee recruitment, development, retention and recognition to ensure excellence in IT delivery across DHS. How Accenture Public Service Platform can help: APSP and SOA enable the use of modern, commodity technologies based on open standards, allowing for more relevant and less expensive resources.


Aging technology affects everyone and can result in substantial obstacles for DHS. The time to break ground is now, before the challenges of legacy systems become worse. It’s never too early to benefit from the Accenture Public Service Platform’s agility, flexibility and commitment to delivering high performance.

The Accenture Public Service Platform is the culmination of Accenture’s hands on experience gained while delivering thousands of SOA projects all over the world. Our expert team of APSP designers, developers and installers is backed by three global innovation centers dedicated to commercializing emerging trends and capabilities in SOA. With access to more than 3,000 architects with core SOA skills in systems integration and technology, Accenture has the skills needed to tackle even the toughest DHS challenge. Our industry-leading practices are proven to successfully launch, deliver, accelerate and manage SOA initiatives. Combining the best of software and services, Accenture is ready to help DHS achieve high performance.