Accenture Federal Services

Empowering federal management to deliver public service for the future.


At Accenture Federal Services (AFS) we share our global experience and private sector innovation to help government agencies deliver better services at more sustainable costs. Nearly 6,000 Accenture employees support federal management, delivering a broad range of services to help agencies meet the increasing complexity of mission and citizen demands, achieve their mission goals and deliver public service for the future. We draw upon the knowledge of nearly 300,000 resources worldwide who bring unmatched talent in management consulting, operational support and next-generation technology—including cloud and digital solutions, shared services, big data and analytics and mobile technologies—to accelerate federal initiatives and deliver successful outcomes.

Servicing nearly every Cabinet-level agency and some of the largest organizations within the federal government, we deliver innovative federal healthcare solutions, strategic government efficiencies and impactful best practices, plus the successful outcomes associated with complex delivery and technical innovation.


From the slow economic recovery to the demand for digital government, economic, political, citizen and even technology trends are significant forces of change across the federal environment. The impacts are widespread. The bottom line is that the status quo is simply no longer sufficient to met today’s mission responsibilities. Leading federal agencies understand this, and look to skilled guides to help them meet their goals.

With nearly 6,000 dedicated US employees, Accenture Federal Services is uniquely positioned to support federal agencies in shattering the status quo, achieving profound efficiencies and relentlessly delivering results. This is how our clients achieve what matters most—powering the services that touch Americans, businesses and the nation.


Bringing decades of experience, we are a different kind of guide to federal agencies, because we:

  • Look to the future. With an ability to frame our clients’ visions for tomorrow with the right mix of pragmatism and innovation, we deliver solutions that last.

  • Share in the risk. We are committed to our clients’ goals and confident in our competence—that’s why we offer performance based contracting so clients pay for results, not hours.

  • Focus on business outcomes. Whether it is delivering cost savings, productivity or auditability, delivery excellence—on-time, on-budget delivery—is inherent to our DNA.

  • Change the game with innovation. We have a vision of public services of the future and apply ideas that account for how globalization, technology, citizens and resources will change over time.

  • Connect clients to global perspectives. Our global presence means we can tailor a ready stream of best-of-the-best knowledge that our competitors do not have in house.

  • Drive transformation at speed. With experience, resources and proven processes, we combine scale and speed to deliver transformational outcomes successfully in compressed timeframes.


While our federal consulting, technology and managed services initiatives are diverse, there is a common thread among them. Our federal clients must turn on a dime, get it right the first time and deliver results that last—every time. We make these priorities our own so we can deliver meaningful outcomes to our public safety, federal civilian, and defense and intelligence community clients.

Federal management can meet mission demands and also the evolving needs of citizens in today’s era of austerity with the help of Accenture Federal Services. Get started on your transformation journey by exploring our comprehensive studies, points of view, surveys and infographics which feature the latest information and best practices for delivering public service of the future.