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Achieving high performance in the post and parcel industry

Our 2015 research shows how digital could be the new powerhouse for post and parcel organizations.


Now in its ninth year, the Accenture in-depth analysis of the post and parcel industry explores the market’s latest trends and opportunities.

Strategies are being upended. Extensive experimentation and significant venture capital is reinventing last mile delivery. “Wait and see” is no longer an option. Our high performers are employing winning strategies that secure the core mail business, exploit the parcels opportunity and diversify to differentiate.

Digital is a game changer. Digital investments must go beyond addressing cost and productivity to generate revenue. New this year, the 2015 findings use the Accenture post and parcel digital performance index to evaluate digital readiness against a proven set of criteria. Access the full report for unparalleled insights into managing trends and read about the strategic priorities going forward.



The following factors are influencing the post and parcel industry:


High performers’ strategies:

Being digital

Successful digital investments once focused on cost management and improved productivity. Now, this needs to turn toward digital investments that generate revenue.


Post and parcel organizations need to address today’s strategic priorities and tomorrow’s technologies:

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Strategic priorities

Three critical areas to achieve high performance:

  1. Seek out monetization of the digital opportunity.
  2. Develop the same nimble scalability as new market entrants to win the battle for the last mile.
  3. Recognize the opportunity and challenge of eCommerce-driven, cross-border transactions.

On the horizon

Two technologies to watch:

The Internet of Things (IoT): Post and parcel organizations could use the IoT to offer new customer-facing functionality and unprecedented improvements in the customer experience.

Drones: Irrespective of autonomous drone delivery becoming a reality, drone applications could become more mainstream—whether monitoring delivery efforts, proactively addressing traffic issues or automating the identification of new delivery points.