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Simplifying analytics for businesses with cloud-based Insights Platform

Analytics-as-a-Service solution drives transformational business outcomes at speed and scale

Discover Accenture Insights Platform

Harness business-critical information to make insight-powered, strategic decisions with the Accenture Insights Platform, a fast, flexible and scalable business intelligence platform.

By drawing on pre-configured technologies and in-depth experience, the Accenture Insights Platform is designed for rapid mobilization. It gives you a complete turnkey solution, quickly and efficiently. Your organization becomes on its way to enlightening and empowering your people with always-on data.

Intelligent Patient Platform for Life Sciences

Accenture Life Sciences Predictive Health Intelligence

The Intelligent Patient Platform helps pharmaceutical companies enhance their patient relationships by removing barriers that are impeding patient care and providing ongoing support throughout the full treatment period.

Predictive Health Intelligence is a suite of analytic-enabled solutions to help life sciences companies build evidence-driven business models, improve patient outcomes and increase economic value across the health care system.