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Mobile device platform and application development

Solutions for developing and deploying mobile applications and devices in a federal government environment.


The rapid evolution of commercial mobile devices has made the technology an essential requirement for government and commercial end users.

Mobility provides better and faster decision making through improved access to key data and analytics capabilities anytime, anywhere. It also enables access to workflow tools on the job, reducing manual processes, supporting on-the-go secure operations, services and management.

Historically, much of the federal government has adopted and used the Research in Motion® (RIM) BlackBerry® infrastructure for its secure mobility needs. Today, the popularity of other platforms, such as Apple® iOS® and Google® Android®, has created a demand within government.

Read below to explore some of the challenges, and potential solutions, related to developing and deploying mobile applications and devices in a federal government environment.

Barriers to Implementing Mobile Government Technology


The figure below depicts some of the major technology, market and operational model challenges. For more information, download the PDF and refer to page 4, “Mobility Challenges”.


The first step toward a mobile solution for government agencies is the creation of a mobile strategy. A mobile strategy needs to lay out the roadmap for what initiatives should be undertaken, how they should be managed and governed, and who would be responsible for what.

Refer to pages 5 – 8 of the PDF “Mobile Device Platform and Application Development for Federal Agencies” for more information.

How We Can Help

Accenture is also a long-time resource for the federal community, with more than 4,000 dedicated US employees providing unequaled understanding of government needs and systems. Accenture can define and deploy an enterprise-wide mobility technical environment for Government to employee (G2E), Government to citizen (G2C), Government to business (G2B) and machine to machine (M2M).

We offer a full complement of services and experienced staff to meet agencies’ needs, including Mobility Consulting, Mobile Security, Application Development and Testing, Device and Platforms, Managed Services, and Business Integration Services.