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The Accenture Financial Services Innovation Center in Chicago uses interactive workshops, real world examples, and technology demonstrations to foster thought provoking discussion on what it means to be a customer-centric financial institution.

Why Innovation Matters
Today's financial institutions face the triple threat of more demanding customers, declining loyalty and growing competition from nontraditional service providers. At Accenture, we believe the key to sustainable growth and long–term profitability in this environment lies in adopting a consumer driven approach to business. That means not only identifying and addressing the needs of individual clients, but also anticipating and exceeding their expectations.

About the workshops

A workshop at Accenture’s Financial Services Innovation Center is an immersive experience designed to help your team and business partners cut through the noise and focus on driving value. In the workshop, you’ll draw from Accenture’s global reach and experience in driving innovation across industries. You will be connected to Accenture’s client experiences as well as insights from Accenture’s many alliance partners.

The Accenture Financial Services Innovation Center offers workshops specific to the banking, payments, P&C insurance, life insurance, and wealth management industries, as well as programs that address growth issues common to all of these industries.

Sample Workshop Focus Areas:

  • Industry Trends

  • Technology Trends

  • The Customer Journey

  • Digital Experience

  • Role of Social Media

  • Talent/Change Management

  • Organizational Transformation

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Analytics & Big Data

  • Connected Devices/Internet of Things



Here is a selection of our best thinking on how to drive customer growth and achieve high performance: