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— THOMAS RINN, Managing Director – Global Industrial Sector Lead

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Transformers: Inspiring the change

Michael Vale has spent 29 years working in every part of 3M’s business, from the research labs to the manufacturing operations. Today, as Executive Vice President of 3M Safety & Industrial Business Group, he is spearheading the company’s efforts to develop innovations that are not just technically brilliant - but that solve a real problem at scale. We talk to Vale about how to bring connectivity to the right products, and the four essentials of digital transformation every company should know.

Innovation with impact at 3M

Michael G. Vale, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President – 3M Safety & Industrial Business Group

The Industrialist Live

Episode 1: Blueprint for service success

Industrial companies know they need to pivot to new, digital-driven services, but how can they move beyond the buzz? In this live discussion, clients and Accenture experts answer this question, backed up by Accenture research. We found that, while currently about 29% of industrial companies’ revenue is generated by services, by 2030 the numbers will jump significantly. Pitfalls? Challenges? Success factors? Our panelists have the answers: Mike Cuddy, Vice President IT and CIO, Toromont Industries and Arno Strötgen, GSVP Service, ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation—and from Accenture—Brian May, Managing Director, NA Industrial Lead, Dr. Jiva Dimitrova-Micha, Managing Principal and Urban Hofström, Managing Principal.

Sparks: Innovation in action

The investments, advances and innovations you need to know.

From the latest trends and tools, to ground-breaking technologies and innovations, we bring you latest announcements impacting the manufacturing and industrial space.

Learn more about the innovations in products and services that are fueling industry growth, from the world’s first steel-welding robot, to the AI that reduces tire noise.

Insights: Igniting thoughts

Services will make up around 60% of revenue for industrial companies in the next five to 10 years - here’s how to get there first.

Companies with higher environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance enjoy 4.7x higher margins. Cloud can get you there.

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