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"Industrial is a front runner in combining human ingenuity with technology and innovation."

— THOMAS RINN, Managing Director – Global Industrial Lead

Servitization as a product strategy

How to shift to a product as a service model to provide continuous, personalized customer interactions. Learn more.

Electrify your industrial sales

Industrial companies must adapt fast to take advantage of their number one growth lever: digital sales transformation. Learn more.

"Experience-First" connected products strategy

The four steps to building a connected products business that transforms customer relationships. Learn more.

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Industrialist Live

Episode 2: High Voltage Digital Sales

When it comes to digitizing sales successfully, only 7% of companies are ahead of the game.

Watch the replay of our Industrialist Live series episode 2, and find out from our guest speakers, Jenny Bofinger-Schuster, SVP Sustainability and Operational Excellence at Siemens, and Karina Chavez, Customer Operations SVP at 3M, how the most successful industrial companies are transforming to deliver.

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