Accenture iDefense Threat Intelligence Privacy Statement


iDefense, Accenture Security’s threat intelligence business is a part of Accenture, and the Accenture Privacy Policy applies to all data processing activities undertaken by iDefense, including any processing of your personal data undertaken through your use of this website. Please see the Accenture Privacy Policy for further information:


In addition to the processing set out in the Accenture Privacy Policy, iDefense collects information from public sources including but not limited to websites and online platforms in order to provide timely, relevant and actionable security intelligence to our clients. These services enable iDefense clients to resist unlawful or malicious actions that may compromise the availability, authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of stored or transmitted information held by them. Some of the information that iDefense collects may be considered personal data, and may include, for example, IP addresses or other online identifiers.

iDefense collects this information where necessary and proportionate to provide threat intelligence services to our clients, and this information is retained only for so long as is necessary and useful for this purpose. Information will generally be retained by iDefense to help understand and analyze trends in threat behaviors over time. Where employees of our clients provide information to iDefense, for example to access iDefense services, this information will be processed and managed in accordance with our contract with the client.


Please see the Accenture Privacy Policy for further information concerning your rights regarding your personal data and supervisory authorities with whom complaints may be lodged. Please note that the exercisability of these rights and the capacity to lodge complaints with supervisory authorities will be subject to applicable law within your jurisdiction.