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Opportunity is the flip side to every business challenge.

On their journey to a profitable, sustainable business model, financial institutions have a valuable resource: risk. Risk means challenges, including disruptive new technologies, a changing competitive field and ongoing regulatory revisions. The flip side to every one of these challenges is opportunity. And opportunity is the value inherent in risk.

To effectively manage risk, and seize the opportunity within every challenge, institutions must manage a variety of business dimensions. They must focus on maximizing digital capabilities, building ongoing expertise, driving fluid collaboration, developing top-notch analytics and fostering a risk culture that can withstand disruptive change.

Turn unknown risk into newly tapped possibility by preparing your people, activities and services for the path ahead.


See more forward thinking for risk management

Accenture’s insights into risk management highlight the bigger role risk must play in helping financial institutions build high performance.


Industry Expertise


Banks see the risk function as part of their go-to-market arsenal. For them, risk opens routes to long-term, profitable growth.


Shifting from a risk averse, compliance-driven approach is helping insurers coax their risk function into an innovation enabler.

Capital Markets

Strong risk/finance collaboration will help capital markets balance risk between ensuring compliance and driving growth.

Risk Benchmarking

How does your risk management approach compare?

Accenture surveyed 470 senior risk professionals to gain on-the-ground insights into the way data and analytics are transforming the risk function. Take our diagnostic test and see how your risk management approach compares to the best in your industry.

Find out how you compare

Accenture has the experience and know-how to help organizations gain value from finance and risk. Connect with us today to find out more.

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