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How safety and trust can help financial services thrive even during disruption and transformational change.

Technology Vision for Insurance 2019

Get ready for what's next in insurance.

The CFO in Insurance​

See how the new CFO is adapting to a changing financial landscape, utilizing transformative new technology to disrupt, innovate and generate value for the insurance industry.

2019 Global Financial Services Consumer Survey​

Discover the patterns in personality​

Reimagining Insurance Processes with Intelligent Solutions

Leading insurers that use intelligent solutions to reinvent the customer experience and drive human-machine collaboration are achieving significant ROI.

AI: How Smarter Technologies Are Transforming the Insurance Industry

Evolve to Thrive in a Changing Insurance Ecosystem

Insurers’ business models must adapt to a collaborative, platform-driven economy.

Putting Trust to Work​

Decoding organizational DNA: Trust, data and unlocking value in the digital workplace.​

Enterprise Agility in Financial Services: The New Strategic Imperative

Financial services firms on average score low on speed & adaptiveness and stability, the two key elements that comprise enterprise agility.

Efma-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards​

Leading insurers and insurtechs are reinventing themselves as "living businesses" striving to deliver hyper-relevant services, products and solutions to their customers.​

The Future of Insurance Distribution

Digital disruption is transforming established models of distribution.

The cost of cybercrime

Unlocking the value of improved cybersecurity protection

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