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AI: How Smarter Technologies Are Transforming the Insurance Industry

Technology Vision for Insurance 2018

Redefine your company based on the company you keep.

Insurance as a Living Business

A $375 billion opportunity for hyper-relevant, customer-centric insurers.

Realizing the Full Value of AI: Future Workforce Survey–Insurance

Transforming the insurance workforce to collaborate effectively with artificial intelligence.

Data Rich, Profit Poor

Leading insurers of the future will find ways to monetize their data and insights, turning them into revenue and competitive advantage.

The New Normal: Exponential Growth Powered by AI

With a myriad of high expectations regarding Artificial Intelligence and its potential, the technology itself is often the focus. One must be careful to avoid distraction and dig a little deeper, or risk being left behind.

Evolve to Thrive in a Changing Insurance Ecosystem

Insurers’ business models must adapt to a collaborative, platform-driven economy.

The Voice of the Customer: Identifying Disruptive Opportunities in Insurance Distribution

Accenture's 2017 Global Insurance Distribution & Marketing Consumer Study.

Insurance Change Survey 2017: Master Change to Lead In "The New"

Become a change leader in the new digital economy.

2017 Global Risk Management Study

Exposed: The hidden value of risk in insurance.

The Future of Insurance Distribution

Digital disruption is transforming established models of distribution.

Insuring Autonomous Vehicles

An $81 billion opportunity between now and 2025.

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