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Connect with luminaries and subject matter experts, engage in dialogue and experience a global network of peers. Click here to download the full article. Accenture CIO Council 2017-2018 Program. This opens a new window.

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Membership Terms for the Accenture CIO Council

Welcome to the Accenture CIO Council. By joining the Accenture CIO Council and participating in community events, you are agreeing to these Terms:

  1. Unless you advise otherwise, your information (including photographs / biographical information) may be shared with other members of the CIO Council for activities related to the CIO Council.

  2. Please do not use any information externally in a way that identifies other members/companies or information that they contributed unless the contributing members gives permission.

  3. Do not to disclose or discuss your company's confidential or competitively sensitive information at CIO Council meetings.

  4. Be aware of antitrust and competition laws and do not discuss matters of a sensitive nature that could implicate these laws. Do not discuss commercially sensitive topics, such as prices, costs, and confidential strategic plans. If in doubt, consult your competition law counsel in advance of any discussion.

  5. All materials produced by Accenture in connection with the CIO Council activities (including, without limitation, survey results and the output of discussions) and all intellectual property rights in such materials shall belong to and be the sole property of Accenture.

  6. Unless you advise otherwise, Accenture gathers information and personal data on members through a variety of methods and may use it (in accordance with Accenture's Global Data Privacy Policy, a copy of which is available on request) to share with and help identify ways to improve the Council; to send you invitations to join meetings or take surveys; provide you with new research; and for other activities relating to the CIO Council.

  7. Any member may withdraw from the community at any time by notifying Accenture and Accenture may discontinue the CIO Council at any time by notifying the members.

  8. Accenture may modify these terms from time to time by providing written notice using the contact information you provided with your registration.

Accenture Privacy Policy

Your information is being gathered on our global and secure systems. Your information will be used in accordance with any applicable data privacy law and Accentures Data Privacy Policy, and will be held securely. Accenture will not share your personal information with any third party, except as needed to manage the events or features for which you register. Accenture will use your information to communicate with you and provide you the feature for which you registered. In order to improve our services and provide better content, Accenture may keep track of patterns of use in the e-mails and e-mail newsletters we send. We note which links are clicked in our e-mail communications as specific user profile information to tell us what areas are of most interest to our recipients. In most cases, this information is analyzed in aggregate form, but sometimes personally identifiable information will be shared within Accenture with specific program owners for the limited purposes described above. Accenture will not use the information for any other purpose. We are committed to maintaining your privacy during your visit to If you are uncomfortable providing this information, please click the "Back" button in your browser, or simply close this window. By submitting this information, you consent to us using it as described above and sharing it within our global organization for these purposes. To read about our privacy practices, please review our Privacy Statement.

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